August 15, 2017

Video as a Marketing Tool

B2C companies use video prominently to advertise their product, and more and more B2B companies are doing the same. Read this article to learn why and how B2B companies should use video in their marketing, especially for explainers and case studies.

Is Marketing a Make or Break Decision?

As your company grows, more customers mean more marketing, and that proposes a legitimate question: Are you better off buying your marketing from experts that do nothing else or assembling an in-house team? Check out these words of wisdom from Robert Faletra that could steer you in the right direction.

The Top 100 Executives of 2017 Revealed

With digital transformation in full swing, the leaders making the grade in the 2017 CRN Top 100 class are adept at making big, bold technology bets and then executing on those gambits in the sales trenches.

How to Use Video in Social Media Marketing

It’s not always easy to see how using video in social media marketing can work for your business. See how you can use the attention-grabbing power of video to draw the attention of IT decision-makers.

Email Marketing: Text vs. Video

It’s time to delve into how and when you should choose to include video in your email marketing messages. Learn when you should call “Action” on videos for your emails.

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