Did you know that many Hewlett Packard Enterprise MDF funded campaigns are also eligible for a 50/50 Intel MDF match?

HPE Partner Announcement

How do you take advantage of this opportunity for an Intel funding match?

First, we work with you to determine which campaign components are a good fit for Intel branding and the funding match. Then we submit the Intel Inside Program (IIP) request form for budget approval. Upon IIP approval, we design your campaign to Intel requirements and get approval to ensure reimbursement.

While these funds are not guaranteed and you just apply for them, they are a good complement to Hewlett Packard Enterprise MDF and especially worth pursuing on larger Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage- and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Server-related creative content marketing campaigns.

*For Intel IIP funding, the corresponding Hewlett Packard Enterprise MDF amount must be MSA-led.