5 Tips To Building Loyal Customers

Loyal customer

The same old same old just doesn’t do it for today’s customers. It is too easy to do a Google search to find a better deal, a different product or a supplier that has more authority. But, that doesn’t mean building a loyal customer base is impossible. However, it may take transforming—or improving—your business strategy to help build relationships with them. Building those relationships are great for your bottom line. In fact, current customers spend 67% more than new customers, and the top 10% most loyal customers will spend 3X more than the remaining 90%.

If you’re not spending time on your current customers, it may be time for a business transformation from questing for new customers to one that prioritizes those you already have.

 Here are five ways to keep things fresh and keep your customers loyal:

1.      Give them something to come back for.

By giving customers a reason to come back to visit you—either online or in person—such as discounts, insight or any other relevant piece of information, you’ll be on their radar when they are considering their next purchase. Make sure your website is a resource for your customers. If you’re not doing it already, start a blog. If you are, promote it through email and social media.

2.      Don’t sell ’em and forget ’em.

Nothing kills loyalty faster than lousy customer service. Your current and past customers are your most important customers. Unlike prospects, they have bought from you, making them more likely to do so again. Make it easy for them to get service—think online chat, social media, or be proactive and check in with your biggest and best every few months just to see how things are going.

3.      Keep ahead of their needs.

Maybe your customers came to you for a solution to tackle a problem a decade ago. Maybe they needed a new printer a year ago. But, you know what, the world is constantly changing. Today that customer may need additional printers with better security due to the latest ransomware attack. Your challenge is to not only respond to new needs but anticipate them. Communicate with your customers. Send surveys, keep up with news and trends from your vendors and other sources.

4.      Reward loyalty.

People love rewards for their loyalty. From frequent flier miles to points for gas from grocery stores, people stay loyal to companies that reward them. In fact, according to a survey from Crowd Twist, 57% of marketers plan to increase their spending on customer loyalty programs. Even if you have one, take the time to evaluate it and freshen it up if it isn’t giving you the results you want.

5.      Your most important asset.

Who interacts with your clients more than your employees? If your employees are well-trained, loyal to your business and put your customers first, your customers will know. From your webmaster to your receptionist—and especially your support and sales teams—everyone needs to be on the same page and understand that the most important asset you have is them, and the most valuable prospect you have is a satisfied customer.

The quest for customer loyalty isn’t new. However, the way you need to do it in today’s fast-moving environment needs to be.