How to Extend the Life – and Value – of Your Webinar

Webinars continue to prove to be a valuable asset in a marketer’s toolbox. They provide purchasing decision-makers with on-demand access to key information from the convenience of a desktop computer or other mobile device. In fact, a recent Content Marketing Institute study found that more than 60% of marketers surveyed include webinars in their content marketing plans. And while you may be able to check that box, are you realizing their full potential? Follow the tips and tools below to extend the life—and value—of your webinars.

Promote in Advance

While “live” attendance numbers continue to dwindle in favor of convenient on-demand access to recorded versions, pre-promotion remains critical to extending the life of a webinar. Consider a series of relevant blog posts prior to the event. Use email, Twitter and LinkedIn to solicit feedback from your database and followers on the webinar topic and discussion points. Not only does this provide an opportunity for you to connect with your audience, it enables you to demonstrate your commitment to their success.


Maximize the Live Event

Once your webinar is under way, be sure to take advantage of the live attendance. Use the interactive interface of your preferred technology to poll attendees and encourage them to submit questions throughout the event. Taking in this valuable feedback provides you with opportunities to reach out after to answer questions and maintain a dialogue. Live-tweeting interesting findings and data during your webinar will pique the interest of your audience and encourage views of the recording, when available. Use the feedback and ideas you receive to plan future webinar topics, new collateral, blog topics, etc.


Broaden Your Distribution Platforms

While you may have recorded and posted a very compelling webinar on your website, what other vehicles did you use to distribute it? Share the link in your company’s social networks and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Push a press release across the wire summarizing the content, and provide a link that you can track. Send an email to your database. If you co-hosted the event with an industry expert or insider, encourage her/him to do the same. Preparing an html email file, a joint press release, tweets and other promotional materials for co-presenters to use—before and after the event— encourages additional promotion on their end as well.


Explore Additional Formats

With content creation coming at a premium nowadays, it’s time to look at ways to repurpose your existing webinar asset to ensure you are getting the most value from it. Have your webinar edited down into short, digestible segments that can be shared through your social networks, website, YouTube and Vimeo.

Have your webinar translated to script form. You may find data or industry insights that would make a compelling infographic. Maybe there is an aha moment that should be explored further in a blog post or series of posts. Perhaps an eBook would provide an opportunity to illustrate the content further. Consider sharing a PDF of your presentation on SlideShare for additional views.

Repurposing your webinar content will not only help you fill your content library, it will provide prospects with an opportunity to view material in their preferred format. And, a little advance planning on the front end will extend the life and value of your webinar on the back end.

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